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Review: Enter Shikari – The Mindsweep: Hospitalised

Enter Shikari

Enter Shikari
The Mindsweep: Hospitalised
Hospital Records

4 Score

There are few artists, if any, that come close to the versatility of Enter Shikari. The band fuse together elements of genres from hardcore punk to electro house, so it’s fair to say they’re no strangers to some left-of-field experimentation. It’s surprising, then, that The Mindsweep: Hospitalised is their first legitimate remix album, collaborating with 13 of Hospital Records’ most talented artists to deliver a release so invigorating, kinetic and ebullient that it absolutely destroys the original.

A lot of The Mindsweep’s sound already draws from the ethereality of drum and bass, so it’s unquestionable that when paired with genre mainstays like Reso and Hugh Hardie, fans would be treated to something rather spectacular. The record starts hot and heavy with an ear-pounding take on “The Appeal & The Mindsweep I” from Metrik, a minute-long buildup that culminates into a volatile smattering of dusty drums and bass notes. It’s immediately contrasted with Keeno’s chill remix of “The One True Colour”, which isolates the original’s celestial hum, and washes it over with a supersonic blast of click-heavy taps.

From there, the intensity only magnifies. London Elektricity’s spin on “Dear Future Historians” is absolutely marvelous with its percussive contrasts and reverbed vocals, and in the hands of Lynx, “The Bank Of England” becomes a filthy slosh of metallic knocks and grimy wobbles. A complete overhaul of “Interlude” (complete with original vocals) from The Erised, and an agile twist on the heaviness in “There’s A Price On Your Head” from Danny Byrd rounds out the mix, but much like with the original LP, the highlight of this record is its bonus track – Urbandawn’s abrasive and spasmodic, yet somehow glittery approach to “Slipshod”.

Maintaining the original vision that Enter Shikari had for The Mindsweep, whilst simultaneously flipping that on its head, The Mindsweep: Hospitalised is a remix album that doesn’t feel like a simple cash-in; a rarity, if we’ve ever known one. Many tracks rival the impact of their original mix counterparts, and some outdo them completely. All in all, a splendid spread.

The Mindsweep: Hospitalised is out now through Hospital Records.
Grab a physical copy: Band Store | Hospital


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