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PVRIS Tease Details Of Second Album; To Record Later This Year


Ever since pop rock trio PVRIS unleashed their debut success White Noise in 2014, hype has been quickly building for a follow-up. In an interview with Upset Magazine, frontwoman Lynn Gunn shed some light on the upcoming sophomore LP.

Excitingly, recording has been tentatively scheduled for “September or October”. On the content of the album, Gunn described wanting “to go above, beyond and a little bit better. We want to make it evolve and grow. We have a lot of ideas right now for the next record, but we can’t give away too much”, lest they “get people’s hopes up and then put some absolute bullshit out”. We doubt it.

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On the subject of whether or not the ominousness of White Noise will translate into its sequel, she re-assured that PVRIS are going to “elaborate on that darkness a lot more” but they will bring in “new elements”.  Can we fast forward to its release yet?

ICYMI, PVRIS issued a deluxe edition of White Noise back in April via Rise Records. Accompanying it was the unveiling of two new tunes, “You And I” and “Empty“.

Re-visit PVRIS’s intense clip for “You And I” below.

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