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Paramore Are Up To Something; Tease Photo Of OG Drummer Zac Farro

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Okay, don’t freak out (ah, who are we kidding?) but something ~sneaky~ is going on in camp Paramore. The Tennessee pop punks – now consisting of frontwoman Hayley Williams and guitarist Taylor York, following the exit of bassist Jeremy Davis last year – have posted a photo of their quiet lunch with producer Justin Meldal-Johnsen… And former drummer Zac Farro.

It was initially posted to the band’s Twitter page with the caption: “Eating with people not doing anything special at all [sic],” which is just… Yeah, we’re not buying it. At all. Especially since Williams later retweeted the photo with some very not-cryptic emoji, including a microphone, knob, power plug, film reel and coffin.

Basically, what we can gather from this is that Williams and York have recruited Farro under the lure that he’ll be re-joining the band, but instead, they’ll murder him via electric shock (power plug, coffin), record the audio with a microphone, wrap his body in film stock, and then discard of him in a contraption that utilises a knob. Their motive? Farro has threatened to leak one of York’s most horrific secrets, and he just can’t take that risk.

But seriously, they’re totally recording together.

We know that Paramore are currently piecing together their fifth studio album with Meldal-Johnsen behind the wheel – their 2013 self-titled outing saw Ilan Rubin perform drums as a session musician, but c’mon, who wouldn’t say yes to the return of a founding member?

Farro originally left Paramore in 2010 with brother Josh (guitars): it was an epic shitfight for the emo history books, but in recent times, all members have hugged and made up. While Josh has already shot down the possibility of re-joining, Zac is still on the quiet side – he did, however, share the lunch pic with “PREEEEE GOOOD LUNCH” in all caps, soooooo…

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