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NZ Dad Is Total Legend; Gets Head Tattoo So Daughter Won’t Feel Different


Just in case you needed more proof that people with tattoos tend to be pretty excellent sorts, New Zealand dad Alistair Campbell recently went above and beyond for his young daughter, Charlotte, who has extreme hearing loss.

Hearing loss runs in the Campbell family, with Charlotte’s brother Lewis also wearing hearing aids. Though only six years old, Charlotte had to get her first cochlear implant at the age of four. In an effort to counteract any potential shit his daughter may cop from looking different to her peers because of the device, Campbell went ahead and got a tattoo of a cochlear implant on the side of his head, just like his daughter’s.

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“[I did it for] my love for her, really. Hey, my hair can grow back,” Campbell told the New Zealand Herald. Though he has plans to grow out his hair again, the #1 Dad has said that he’ll gladly shave it all off to show Charlotte if she ever wants to see it. When he first came home and showed his daughter the tatt, she laughed, touched it and told him it was cool.

Say what you will about head tatts, but in this instance we’re on board.

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