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NOFX Tell Fans To Stay Safe At Shows After A Punter Dies


Here’s something you wouldn’t expect from anything involving Fat Mike: seminal punk Gods NOFX have taken to social media to advocate safety between punters at their shows, following the death of a fan after a recent jaunt in Copenhagen.

Samuel Pollas was a 20-year-old fan that attended the quartet’s June 15th at Den Grå Hal in Copenhagen – he reportedly hit his head on the ground during the show, but instead of hitting up a first aid dude or taking a detour through the hospital on his way home, the band say that Pollas went to bed without second thought. “Ne never woke up,” as the Facebook post puts it bluntly.

“Our hearts go out to his mother and friends (…) RIP Sammy,” the post continued, tacking onto the condolence a message from Pollas’ mother toward fellow punk fans: “If you’re drunk and hit your head, do not go to bed without getting it checked. let none of your friends walk home alone after a fall or blow to the head. Take care of yourselves and each other.”

She makes a decent argument – dudes, if you slip in the circle pit or take an elbow too fiercely to the snoz, it’s fucking important that you get that shit checked out. Remember: you have a brain inside of your head, and the brain doesn’t exactly enjoy when shit hits the fan inside your skull.

Read NOFX’s full post below:

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