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Bullet Proof Label Launches in Oz!

BULLET PROOF is a newly formed label with a focus on all genres of heavy music. Spotting a gap in the local market BULLET PROOF is ready to step up to the plate! BULLET PROOF will kick off in early December with the releases from its first 3 signed artists and MANY more will be announced leading into 2014!

BULLET PROOF will be distributed by the mega powers of Universal Music Australia / Caroline Distribution, and this will spread to New Zealand with the view of moving into South East Asia and Japan.

With a focus on established artists looking for a new home – an indie vibe – with major label distribution and the nurturing of promising up and comers it’s an all-encompassing venture!

BULLET PROOF would proudly like to announce its first 3 artists and releases:

The US Supergroup featuring Rex Brown (Pantera & Down), Vinny Appice (Black Sabbath, Heaven & Hell, Dio, Ozzy Osbourne etc..), Dewey Bragg (Pissing Razors) & guitar virtuoso Mark Zavon (Ratt, WWWIII)…. Say no more the names and the music speak for themselves but this is pure driven Hard Rock & Metal that echoes the influences of their past bands. Their new album ‘Revolution Rise’ (a candidate for album of the year) & the debut ‘Kill Devil Hill’ will finally get official local release!


By far one of the most promising bands to be produced in Australia for a long time! DAWN HEIST are five piece band from Sydney, brandishing their own unique style of groove metal infused with melodic synth/programming and accompanied with a driving vocal tone that sets the band apart from the norm and this melding of Djent influenced metal with a refreshing Progressive overtone set them apart from a lot of their contemporaries and with ‘Catalyst’ they deliver a truly world class package. Backed by big name bookers & management The Flaming Arts Agency get ready for these guys to make a massive name for themselves!


The New Zealand juggernaut is back! The biggest metal band to ever emerge from the Shaky Isles return with an album titles ‘The Shadow Masters’ that will shake the listener by the throat so damn hard it will redefine brutality. With the band reuniting with original vocalist Justin “Jackhammer” Niessen and original bass player Brent Fox, Sativa guitarist and mastermind Gary Smith has patiently waited for the stars to align. Now, along with new guitarist Nik Davies and drummer Corey Friedlander, the line-up could not be any more devastating. ‘The Shadow Masters’ has been 8 years in the making. The beast that is 8 Foot Sativa returns to launch the band on their rightful path to the international metal stage, armed with an undeniable album fuelled by persistence, passion and power.



If you are a band or label looking for distribution or need more information contact: bulletproofaust@gmail.com


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