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New Found Glory Release Coffee Table Book Filled With Memorabilia


Need a little more pop-punk in your living room? Okay, so those Man Overboard throw pillows look pretty sweet, but we’ve got a way better idea: how about one of those insanely heavy coffee table books filled with photos, posters, short stories and classic memorabilia from Florida stalwarts New Found Glory?

The band have announced their first foray into the world of printed media with Stories Of A Different Kind, a visual journey through the the 19-year history of one of the scene’s biggest acts. The book covers everything from their first jaunt on the Vans Warped Tour to the time they played in stadiums with Blink-182 and Green Day, right up until the present day.

“When New Found Glory first started, a messy photocopied piece of paper was the way in which we would tell people about our local shows,” wrote the band. “We could have never imagined that such a simple, lost concept would now serve as the spark to reignite a lost memory. Stories Of A Different Kind is a storybook, but not a beginning-to-end narrative.

It’s a visual journey through a time period that pre-dates social media and blogs: a time that newer fans might not know had existed and older fans can look back on. This could be our biggest accomplishment as a band to date and we are very excited to share it with everyone. As fans, you’re just as big of the reason why it exists as we are.”

Stories Of A Different Kind is out independently on July 5th, with copies available on the band’s webstore (suss the link below!) and, for those of us enduring the 16-hour flight to get our mosh on at this year’s Warped Tour, at all dates of that tour.

“This was just as exciting to make, if not more than recording an album,” says guitarist Chad Gilbert. “Our fans will love this and no matter where you open it or how many times you read it, you’ll always find something new.”

Stories Of A Different Kind is out July 5th
Grab a copy: Webstore


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