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Trailer Released For Doco Detailing Rise, Fall & Re-Rise Of Teen Metal Band

Remember that one viral video where those 13-year-olds played a set of bullshit good heavy metal at Times Square? You might remember them going on to become the youngest act to ever play Coachella, and even signing a $1.7 million record deal with Sony, before… Just… Disappearing. Well, they may have had a seriously tough run in with the industry, but Unlocking The Truth are still shredding harder than ever – and come June 17th, they’ll release their debut album, Chaos.

On top of that, a new documentary by American filmmaker Luke Meyer aims to show the world the rise and fall that Unlocking The Truth had when first starting out just a couple of years back. Breaking A Monster (heh, pun) begins when vocalist/guitarist Malcolm Brickhouse, bassist Alec Atkins and drummer Jared Dawkins were in 7th grade and embarked on an adventure of a lifetime, quickly shooting up from average weekend buskers to professional musicians and growing up – both mentally and physically – along the way.

The documentary also features an interesting insight into the music industry and it’s logistics, as well as a behind-the-scenes look into what the band typically experience while on tour. Breaking A Monster will be out worldwide on June 24th.

Check out the first trailer for Breaking A Monster below!

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