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Members Of Bring Me The Horizon, Twenty One Pilots + More Have Their Twitters Hacked


No, our lord and saviour Jack Black has not descended to his throne. Last week, we saw artists like Katy Perry and Tame Impala targeted by hackers – while none of us really care about that (sorry, not sorry), it seems now that these hackers have set their eyes on another market of musicians.

Over the weekend, we saw some of our favourite artists like Oliver Sykes (Bring Me The Horizon), Tyler Joseph (Twenty One Pilots), Jaime Preciado (Pierce The Veil) and even the almighty and powerful Tenacious D fall victim to a Twitter hack, resulting in some pretty fucked up posts being broadcasted to hundreds of thousands of followers, varying from terrorist threats to death hoaxes… That is, when they weren’t just commands to tweet “gwep” at @gloup and then like when done.

Tenacious D guitarist John Konesky even went to the effort to confirm that the band’s Twitter account was compromised, and that Jack Black’s supposed death is a thankfully just a handful of nope. Konesky took to twitter stating; “Tenacious D’s Twitter account was hacked! That shit aint true! They’re working on fixing it!”. It’s not the first time something like this has happened, though – if you believe everything you read on the internet, Jack Black has died every six months since 2012.

All four musicians have since deleted all threatening posts, and the identity of the douchebag hacker(s) is still currently unknown.

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