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Maintain The Sage


Offbeat rapper Sage Francis is headed Down Under this December for shows in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane. Here’s a taste of our chat with him from issue #133 of BLUNT, on sale October 31st.

There’s a portion of our readership who very rarely venture outside the world of punk and metal, what would you say to encourage them to check out the Sage Francis experience?
Well, I understand the metal mind. It’s kind of nerdy and nasty. This is how I was able to win the biggest emcee battle in a Metallica shirt back when those kind of things simply weren’t done. It gave me special powers over the other rappers who don’t understand that we all come from the same source regardless of genre. Hell, when I recorded my first album I was living with the singer of Killswitch Engage as they recorded their first album. My roots are more in punk and hardcore than they are in metal though. It was cool doing a song with Bad Religion, but I’m still trying to do something official with The Dead Milkmen. Shit, I might do a cover album if I have to.

You’ve moved on from some of the more obvious politically charged material – is that a result of becoming disillusioned with a particular cause, looking to craft something more timeless or just a case of “been there, done that”?
I really don’t like being pegged as any one type of rapper, but I suppose “political rapper” is the least disparaging of terms the media has used with me. The politics are not as in your face as they are on “The Masters are Back” or “Slow Down Gandhi”, but they’re always there. There’s the undertone. Just like how all Broadway musicals are about blowjobs, all of my songs are political in nature. It’s called SUBTEXT, mate! That said, I’m as bored as I am unimpressed with rappers who jump on every hot-button political issue. Those kind of songs that are as disposable as yesterday’s newspaper.

You’ve definitely “maintained the rage” as they say. What keeps Sage Francis’ blood boiling in 2014?
I am easily upset by people who don’t use their blinker when turning. Inconsiderate people drive me up the wall. Despite all the rage I’m still just a fat guy named Sage.



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