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Listen To Caleb Shomo Recording Vocals For New Beartooth Album

Caleb Shomo
Photo by Billy Zammit

Say what you will about 2016, but there’s some pretty great perks that come with living in the 21st century. Do you know how to churn your own butter? Because we sure as hell don’t. And the good news is, we’ll probably never have to. Another glorious aspect of modern life is that you pretty much have 24/7 access to your idols and can instantly find out news about your favourite bands. Like, for instance, the fact that Columbus, Ohio’s Beartooth are in the studio and tracking songs. Can we get a hell yeah?

Earlier this month the band shared a post to their Facebook page stating that 2016 marked a “new year” and “new tooth”, and now frontman and the brains behind the project – Caleb Shomo – has shared a video to Instagram of himself recording vocals for an as-yet unannounced second album.

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The new release will come as a follow-up to Beartooth’s killer debut full-length, Disgusting, which graced our ears in 2014 and flat-out refused to leave the stereo at BLUNT HQ. There’s a metric fuck ton of releases we’re looking forward to hearing this year, and Beartooth’s newie is most definitely one of them.

Check out Caleb Shomo having a sing below.

Tracking vocals. Forgetting lyrics. #beartoothLP2

A video posted by Caleb Shomo (@calebshomo) on


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