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Watch King Parrot’s New Clip For “Bozo”

The Congregation of Atreyu

After all the babbling about “Bonox” and having a “Good Day”, it seems the Australian underground metal community has gone mad for King Parrot. Since the release of their video for “Shit On The Liver” and their debut album Bite Your Head Off, the band have gone from strength to strength with successive national tours alongside Thy Art is Murder, Cattle Decapitation and Psycroptic, and their self-funded jaunt to South East Asia with a performance at the legendary Obscene Extreme Festival in Jakarta.

Now King Parrot are back with a follow-up video for the first track from Bite Your Head Off, simply titled “Bozo”. The new video showcases the band in their natural environment at one of their much revered, energetic and raucous live shows. Developed in conjunction with their video partners in crime at Black Box Films, the footage was shot in May at the famous Cherry Rock Festival on AC/DC Lane in Melbourne. “Bozo” captures behind-the-scenes footage of the band, the raw aggression and ridiculous hilarity of their live performance, and amazing aerial footage from state of the art MikroKopters courtesy of High Alpha Media.

After you’ve whet your appetite watching the video, be sure to catch King Parrot as they head out on their own Australian tour on the dates below:

The Congregation of Atreyu

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