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Japan Reaches Peak 2006 With Motherfucking Emo Doritos

Screen Shot 2016-09-28 at 2.58.38 PM

Once again, Japan has proved why they’re the best goddamn country to ever exist.

Joining mochi, matcha, Pocky and roughly 13,901,298 flavours of Kit-Kat, the Land of the Rising Sun have now added emo corn chips to their ever-expanding array of Foods The Rest Of The World Is Jealous About. The ghoulish black Doritos are garlic and pepper flavoured, which, while not as enticing a flavour as goat blood or the souls of unborn children, should make your breath evil enough to really drill in the fact that you love My Chemical Romance.

Unfortunately, the chips are also only available in Japan, so you won’t be able to walk out of your local Woolies with a bag of Doritos that matches your soul. Here’s to aggressively searching through eBay for an (unreasonably overpriced) importer!

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