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In Hearts Wake Release The Most Frustrating Game Ever


In Hearts Wake have released what is quite possibly the most infuriating video game in the lead up to their new album, Skydancer.

It’s kind of like a game of Flappy Birds meets Helicopter. Basically you choose your favourite member of In Hearts Wake and watch him become an eagle as you try and fly him through the cloud barriers. If, unlike us, you’re actually good at this and get past all 30 barriers, you’ll unlock a new song called “Insomnia”. As an added incentive to keep on bashing your space bar, the person who gets the highest score by May 1 will win a rare vinyl test pressing of Skydancer.

As no one in the BLUNT office can get past nine barriers (our editor can’t even get through two), looks like we’ll be waiting for the album to drop on May 1 via UNFD.

Have a play here and try not to throw your computer out of the nearest window.



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