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In Hearts Wake Announce East Coast In-Stores


It appears that in the wake of the wild storms that battered New South Wales last week the warehouse that held copies of In Hearts Wake’s Skydancer has unfortunately been damaged ahead of the album’s May 1st release date. The irony of stock for an album about the power of Father Sky being damaged by severe weather isn’t lost on us, folks (though we’re pretty sure even the deft marketing minds at UNFD aren’t responsible for the snow-like hail that blanketed much of Sydney and its surrounding suburbs). Although there’s been reports that there’s more heavy rain on the way later this week, there’s one silver lining to this gloomy cloud.

As the information only came to light yesterday, In Hearts Wake have hustled to visit some independent stores in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney over the coming weekend to encourage fans to head down, hang out and pick up a copy of Skydancer to get signed by the band (and maybe a cheeky copy of the new BLUNT too!).

In Hearts Wake In-Store Dates

Friday May 1st – 4pm @ Rocking Horse Records, Brisbane
Saturday May 2nd – 11am @ 24Hundred, Melbourne
Sunday May 3rd – 2pm @ Utopia Records, Sydney
RSVP here: https://www.facebook.com/events/584899798319046/

Read a statement from the band below:

As you’re all probably aware, severe storms have damaged large parts of New South Wales in the past week. The storms have not only damaged people’s lives, homes, work places and wreaked havoc on public transport and roads – but the warehouse where our Skydancer CD stock was being stored was also heavily damaged. This means most of the stock wasn’t able to ship out to stores around Australia. 

While stores in Western Australia, North Queensland and Tasmania have received stock for Skydancer, we’ve been informed that most stores in other areas won’t get the record by Friday and may not have it until next week. For anyone who wants a physical copy of the CD, you can still order it online from 24hundred.net/collections/skydancer or for those who prefer heading to record stores, we’ve organised to come and hang out at stores in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney over the weekend. These stores will all have the record in stock, and we’ll be signing stuff and hanging out with everyone who makes the effort to drop by.

Friday we’ll be at Rocking Horse in Brisbane from 4pm. Saturday we’ll be at 24Hundred in Melbourne from 11am and Sunday we’ll be at Utopia Records in Sydney from 2pm.

It’s moments like these that we must surrender to what is, and do our best to make the most out of an unfortunate situation. But seriously, what better way to admit defeat than for Skydancer to bow down to the power of Father Sky! Kind of ironic isn’t it? Just like the massive storms that hit us in the filming for the Breakaway music video, once again we’ve been rendered helpless to the true power of nature. Let the wild April Skydancer storms serve as a reminder that nature is the ruling force here on Earth!

Both Earthwalker and Skydancer focus heavily on our relationship with nature and the detrimental effect humans have on the Earth. If we don’t unite to protect our only home, these kind of events will only continue to happen more frequently. We hope everyone in Sydney affected by the storms is safe and sound. We’ll see you all soon. 

In Hearts Wake

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