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I Killed The Prom Queen Shred In The Mud At Warped Tour

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The Warped Tour must go on rain, hail or shine, and I Killed The Prom Queen jumped in the pit and trudged around in the mud with their fans on the Nashville date.

Footage of guitarist Jona Weinhofen shredding up a storm while splashing around in ankle deep mud has made its way to YouTube. While we doubt his guitar survived, we hear that playing in the mud is good for detoxifying the skin, relives muscle aches and pains as well as being rad for all-round relaxation.

While IKTPQ were playing in the mud, other bands on the tour took to social media to voice their anger about Front Porch Step playing the Nashville date in light of allegations Jake McElfresh sexually harassed underage girls earlier this year.

Check out the fan footage of the band frolicking in the mud. Throwing down never looked so dirty.

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