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Hear Defeater’s New Album ‘Abandoned’

Photo by Sandra Markovic.

With its release just around the corner, Defeater have made their upcoming record Abandoned available for streaming. This is a much welcomed return for the Boston hardcore group, after frontman Derek Archambault spent the better part of a year recovering from hip replacement surgery. It’s because of this life-changing surgery that the singer was able to focus on his writing, and channel the pain he’d suffered and witnessed into the story of Abandoned. 

“This is my ending metaphor for life,” explained Archambault, “it’s about how people constantly look for answers for their questions in all the wrong places.”

After touring here a few months back and absolutely tearing it up, it’s great to see these Bostonians back in action. In Archambault’s words: “After a year away from touring and nearly two of immobility, I have never been happier to push forward with Defeater.”

Abandoned is out Friday August 28th via Epitaph

Check out the stream below or at www.defeater.me

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