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Hayley Williams Confirms New Paramore Album Is On The Way

Hayley Williams
Photo by Peter Zaluzny

So we can probably all agree that the past month has been quite a shitty one for music fans – not only did Aussie festival goers find out that Soundwave wouldn’t be going ahead, but the world at large suffered a serious blow with the loss of Lemmy, David Bowie, The Eagles’ Glenn Frey and most recently, Mott The Hoople drummer Dale “Buffin” Griffin”. Can someone please check on Ozzy?

Lest we dwell on life’s less palatable moments, there is one thing that bodes well – a whole lotta great new music looks set to come our way this year. Yesterday Paramore’s Hayley Williams let a juicy bit of news slip when she confirmed to a fan on Twitter that her and bandmate Taylor York are currently in the midst of writing a new album.

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Whether or not we’ll see a release by the end of the year is anyone’s guess, but we’re coming up on three year’s since the trio released their huge self-titled album. Only thing is, Paramore aren’t a trio anymore. Late last year the band broke the news that bassist and founding member Jeremy Davis would be leaving the fold. The two are yet to announce whether they’ll be ploughing ahead as a duo and roping in touring musicians, or recruiting some full-time talent to bring back the full band experience.

Until we learn more, remember how great Hayley Williams’ pipes are with this video of her studio vocals for “Still Into You”.

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