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Grenadiers Take Triple J’s Hottest 100 Race To New Extremes

Tony Abbott

Last year we were a tad disheartened by triple j’s Hottest 100 – Amity, Bring Me The Horizon, Rise Against, DZ Deathrays and The Smith Street Band all made the cut, but what about the rest of the year’s stellar rock, punk and metal releases? It completely takes away from the idea of a national vote, but we brought you the Hottest 100… With Balls! in an attempt to showcase some of the year’s heavier releases (and look, there’s a good chance we’ll do it all again when Major Lazer, Peking Duk and The Weeknd inevitably take out top honours this year).

In a last-ditch effort to get themselves in the countdown, Adelaide rock band Grenadiers have opted for something a bit… different. Tony Abbott’s reign as Prime Minister may soon become a distant, terrible memory for some, but you can’t deny that his antics often made for comedic gold (i.e. all those times you laughed to save yourself from crying because this man was running our country into the ground). His quips and stunts provided many a lol, but perhaps none more so than the time he decided to eat a raw onion, with the skin on. For some bewildering reason, he did the same thing again less than a week later. The whole saga came to be synonymous with Australian politics in 2015, so Grenadiers’ Jesse Coulter decided to theme their Hottest 100 pledge video around it.

After chomping down on the ball of brown, Coulter – with a wince – says, “Here’s my pledge to you: if we crack the [Hottest] 100, I’ll eat the rest of this fucking thing.” Can’t say we wouldn’t be keen to see that!

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And spare a thought for ol’ Jesse “Onion Breath” Coulter.

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