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Good Charlotte Are Back With New Music

Good Charlotte

Here’s one to get the nostalgia pumping – Good Charlotte have announced their return! They may have grown out their sweeping black fringes and hot pink hair, rubbed off the guyliner and banished their pinstripe ties to the back of the cupboard, but one of the millennium’s biggest pop-punk acts are back, confirming the news today with the hashtag #WelcomeBackGC and a teaser of a new song, “Makeshift Love”, the full version of which you can check out below.

The news comes after the band’s four-year hiatus and a full 15 years on from their self-titled debut, released way back in the pop-punk-riddled year that was 2000. Aside from becoming honorary Australians in recent years as resident judges on The Voice (and for their questionable decision to go from PETA activists to KFC ambassadors), the Madden Brothers have kept their hand in, dabbling with summery pop sounds on their 2014 album, Greetings From California, and lending a little of their songwriting prowess to 5 Seconds Of Summer.

With other early 2000s icons like Fall Out Boy and Panic! At The Disco having carved out a well-defined groove in today’s scene, it seems like the time for the young and the hopeless is now. All we need is a My Chemical Romance reunion and we really will be singing like it’s our goddamn birthday.

Hear Good Charlotte’s comeback track, “Makeshift Love”, in full below.

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