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Frenzal Rhomb Drummer Breaks Arm Stage Diving

frenzal rhomb arm

“Pretty sure if you want to stage dive it’s simple.” Those were the famous last words from Frenzal Rhomb drummer Gordy Forman moments before breaking his arm while stage diving. Irony, eh?

The band was halfway through their gig at Perth’s Amplifier Bar when Forman busted his arm demonstrating the correct way to stage-dive. While his demonstration started strong it unfortunately ended with him being dumped by the crowd, presumably breaking his arm on the barrier or stage edge. In the fan footage captured below, you can hear singer Jason Whalley say “Oh no, he’s broken his arm.” After helping Forman off stage the band continued their set without him.

The band later issued the following statement on their Facebook page, announcing that they’ll be postponing their upcoming shows:

“You’ve got to admit, we’re pretty great at Irony. A dude in the crowd (at his 22nd Frenzal Rhomb show) tried to stage dive and he sucked. So Gordy, being the benevolent soul he is, got up from behind his drum kit to show the young gent how it’s done. Unfortunately a combination of an enthusiastic crowd, a selfless drummer and an unforgiving crowd barrier meant that Gordy’s humerus (yes, we know he’s funny but what about his arm?) landed in two pieces. Snapped in half like an drumstick. The surgeons at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, under the expert tutelage of Drew Goddard from Karnivool, superglued the offending bone back  together and wrapped it in packing tape. Should be good to go in a coupla months. Until then we might have to push back the Newcastle, Wollongong and Adelaide shows because Jason still hasn’t worked out You Are Not My Friend on bass. This will also give us a bit more time to write a hit single for our upcoming album, or at least arrange to hire the dude from Def Leppard’s drumkit.”

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