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Eagles Of Death Metal’s Paris Support Act Vow To Continue Making Rock’n’Roll

Eagles Of Death Metal
Photo by AFP/Getty Images.

Overnight both the Eagles Of Death Metal and their support act, guitar-and-drums duo White Miles, released statements on social media for the first time since the Paris terrorist attacks that occurred last Friday night. Nearly a week on from the citywide events that claimed dozens of lives, the music community is still reeling, with messages of support flooding in for Nick Alexander, the merchandise manager who tragically lost his life in the Bataclan concert hall siege. Alexander has previously run merch tables for the likes of Best Coast, The Black Keys and Alice In Chains, and you can currently donate via Go Fund Me to raise money for his young family. If it helps to restore your faith in humanity, so far more than $89,000 has been raised.

Coming to terms with the fact that this happened at a rock’n’roll show – an activity we’re all partial to – was never going to be easy, and it’s made even more difficult by the fact that you have pastors claiming that the victims essentially invited death by listening to death metal. Both White Miles and Eagles Of Death Metal have cancelled their upcoming shows until further notice, with White Miles hosting a show in Innsbruck, Austria on December 17th in honour of Nick Alexander. Have a read of the statements from each band below, and use them as a reminder to stay strong even in times of great adversity.

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