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Dr. Colossus Release “Stupid Sexy Flanders” Track

Dr. Colossus

Hens love roosters, geese love ganders, everyone else loves Ned Flanders.

In the space of a week, Arizona’s very own Ned Flanders tribute band, Okilly Dokilly, have taken the internet by storm, and sparked some dang diddly drama in the process. In a move that’s sure to have left the world’s only Nedal band feeling a great sadness in their bosom, Melbourne doom rock duo Dr. Colossus have penned a diss track titled “Stupid Sexy Flanders”.

Before you get your perfectly ironed slacks in a knot, the man that the local representatives of the Simpscene hate best apparently really is F-L-A-N-D-E-R-S. Despite the timing of the release of the song, the duo claim that the track is not a diss at the smiling, moustached geeks fronted by Head Ned, but at the perky neighbourino himself.


Posting on their Facebook page, Dr. Colossus wrote, “It is purely coincidental this has been released only days after a Ned Flanders themed band decided to destroy the internet. Probably…” It almost seemed like those folks were making fun of ol’ Steady Neddy.

The bespectacled, green sweater-wearing crew in Okilly Dokilly have yet to respond to the track, but you can bet they’ll be calling the reverend in a tizzy about this, ready to unleash a response angry enough to rival the time Todd refused to eat his damn vegetables. Or so we hope.

Hear “Stupid Sexy Flanders” below.

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