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Dave Grohl’s Game Of Thrones


You’re a huge rockstar with a broken leg who still needs to perform – what do you do? Well, if you’re anything like Dave Grohl you get high-as-fuck on painkillers and design the Foo Fighters equivalent of the Iron Throne from your hospital bed. Grohl debuted his fancy new chair during the first show of the Foo’s 20th Anniversary Blowout tour, complete with light-up logo, flashing lights and a whole heap of guitar necks.

And if you thought this situation couldn’t get any better, the Internet has fulfilled it’s solemn duty of creating wacky photoshops of Grohl. Check out the video below of Grohl explaining the thrones’ origins, his original blueprints (bummer the “lasers and shit shooting from the top” didn’t pan out) and a collection of some of the best edits we’ve seen so far.






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