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Buried In Verona Announce New Album

BIVNotorious BIV are back with a new brand-new album, new attitude and snazzy new haircuts.

Vultures Above, Lions Below, the third album in the Buried In Verona stable, was written, recorded and produced by the band and then sent off to Fredrik Nordström and Henrik Udd (Bring Me The Horizon, Architects, Soilwork) to be mixed and mastered for your ears.

The first taste of Vultures Above, Lions Below comes via “Can’t Be Unsaid” a song written about letting go of all the negativity surrounding BIV, says vocalist Brett Anderson

“I wrote it when I was at my lowest point as a way to get me past everything that had happened. Ever since then, I’ve been focusing on the positives and using music as my escape again. After years of anguish I’m so happy to have regained my passion for music.
The idea we would like to encourage everyone to get behind is this: write down whatever in your life is painful, hurting you, bringing you down – basically whatever is stopping you from being truly happy with yourself and your life. Write it as down as honestly as you can and project the negativity on to the page, into the ink and let go of it. Take it to a calm place that you love, read it one last time, set it alight and watch it burn. Don’t live in the negative space with negative people. Life is short, don’t waste it.”

Check out “Can’t Be Unsaid” now. Vultures Above, Lions Below is out August 7 via UNFD

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