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Bring Me The Horizon Release Lyric Video For “True Friends”


Former deathcore merchants turned modern stadium rockers Bring Me The Horizon have unleashed their inner emo kid with their latest track, “True Friends”. Settling in alongside “Drown”, “Throne”, and “Happy Song” as yet another taste of their forthcoming album, That’s The Spirit, “True Friends” sees the Sheffield mob saying a massive “fuck you” to those that have wronged them in the past.

Speaking to BLUNT in issue #140 ahead of the album’s release, drummer Matt Nicholls said, “We weren’t scared of change and I think that’s what people need to do, just embrace it and be confident and crack on.”

Unsurprisingly, the BLUNT cover stars have continued to challenge their fanbase with their latest anthemic rock song. But old school fans of BMTH will be happy to know that the single gives a nod to past release “Sleep With One Eye One Open”, using Oli Sykes’ screams and the hook “True friends stab you in the front” to link back to the band’s Suicide Season days circa 2010.

Keen to hear more about That’s The Spirit? Read the first ever review right here and pick up BLUNT #140 now with Bring Me The Horizon on the cover.

That’s The Spirit is out September 11 through Sony.

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