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Brand New Just Announced Their Breakup… Two Years In Advance


We’re not entirely sure which part of this story blows our minds the most: the fact that Brand New have announced their 2018 breakup two whole years in advance, or the fact that they announced it through a fucking shirt.

A couple of weeks ago, the seminal New York emocore outfit released their latest all-out banger – the divisive (because people have a thing for letting nostalgia fuck with their ability to enjoy new music) “I Am A Nightmare”. It came after a leak revealed that a new full-length was in the works for a 2016 release, and two other jams in “Mene” and “Sealed To Me” – the latter of which still yet to receive a studio release.

It’s with the above in mind, then, that news of the quartet’s breakup is absolutely head-spinning. Especially when you consider that LP #5 is set to be their first in seven years, and the blokes only just started to get back into the routine of being a full-time band. But really, the part that has us livid is how they broke the news of their breakup.

Through a shirt.

Through a fucking shirt, guys.

Just a couple of hours ago, the band launched three new merch designs on their webstore. They’re all pretty sweet: there’s one with an upside down triangle comprised of Hebrew letters, one with a scratchy black-and-white illustration of a resurrection…

And then there’s one with an upside down cross made of flowers, “2000 – 2018” resting calmly underneath. Not 2016. 2018. Brand New announced their breakup two years in advance, on a shirt, with no other announcement or post whatsoever, and we can’t fucking believe it. This is amazing. The Devil and God are raging inside me.

Look at the goddamn bullshit fuckshirt, and then get sad in advance with “I Am A Nightmare” below!


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