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Behemoth Communion Wafers Are Now An Actual Thing


In today’s episode of Merch You Wish Your Band Thought Of First, black metal beasts Behemoth have announced that they now have their own brand of communion wafers. Yep. Actual, edible communion wafers. Sure to brew a hearty pot of delicious Catholic controversy, the wafers are being produced for the quartet’s upcoming European tour, which will see them perform their 2014 opus The Satanist in full.

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Getting ready for blasfemia in Europe…!

Posted by BEHEMOTH! on Tuesday, January 26, 2016


No word at this stage whether the body of Negral will be available to buy online, but you can be sure that a handful will eventually pop up on eBay. We’d definitely shell out a solid $666 for a ceremony’s worth!

Watch the video for Behemoth’s “Messe Noire” below!


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