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Attila Frontman Gets Bored; Rants About “Why Our Generation Sucks So Bad”


God, we love Attila. Not because the Atlanta metalcore unit make good music, or anything – that’s definitely open for debate – but rather for their often mindless, always hilarious frontman, Chris “Fronzilla” Fronzak.

The Fronz has been long known for his passionate rants, amazing colloquialisms (suck his fuck, ladies and gentlemen), and oblivion to the fact that we’re laughing at him, not with him. Today’s rant actually raises some valid points, though.

“If you suck it’s your fault, stop fishing for excuses,” he tweeted – which, yeah, we can all agree on that. He also touches on the rising trend of praising mediocrity and our willingness (or lack thereof) to accept blame, which might actually signal the turning of a new leaf for the notorious giver of no fucks.

But of course, the likely scenario is just that he accidentally screamed a couple of agreeable points into the ether along with his usual pointless ramblings. Read his 11-tweet sprawl, laugh, cringe, think about life, and then laugh some more.

We love you, Fronz. Never stop rambling.

Continue your cringe-fest with “About That Life” below:

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