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Asking Alexandria’s Ben Bruce Is Working With Ex-Vocalist Danny Worsnop

Asking Alexandria

Welp, here’s something we never saw coming: Asking Alexandria guitarist Ben Bruce has teamed up with ex-vocalist Danny Worsnop – for those who slept through 2015, Worsnop exited the band in a split messier than the messiest metalcore mosh that ever moshed messily.

From First To Last shredder Matt Good is also involved, but meh, he’s not important here.

After both parties spent the past year mercilessly trashing each other, it’s interesting to see Bruce and Worsnop in the same room together, let alone working on what may or may not be new material (details are super vague at the moment – we’re just approaching this one as speculative dumbasses [see: all journalism]).

The pair recently squashed their many beefs, Worsnop tweeting that’d they’d drunk “almost a handle of Jameson and partied old school style” a couple of weeks back. Over the last fews days, though, Bruce and Good have shared studio snaps of the group together on Instagram, which, while highly unlikely, we’re making the wild assumption will be for a trip-hop side project called Asking Harlot. Current AA vocalist Denis Stoff will play the harmonica. Backwards.

Asking Alexandria released their fourth (and first post-Worsnop) album, The Black, back in March. Worsnop has jumped around a couple of projects, spearheading hard rock supergroup We Are Harlot with a self-titled debut last year – his solo, blues-infused country album, The Prozac Sessions, is due for release sometime before the end of 2016.

Take a peek at the Instagram posts below!


A photo posted by mattg00d (@mattg00d) on


Tonight haha. What a weird and awesome night A photo posted by mattg00d (@mattg00d) on


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Check out Asking Alexandria’s latest single, “Here I Am”:

And for good measure, here’s Worsnop’s latest banger, too:

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