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Petition Launched To Make Parkway Drive The New Australian National Anthem


Finally, a cause we can get behind!

So if there’s one thing everyone here can agree on, it’s that the current Australian national anthem is… Well… It’s a bit shit. All the years of being forced to sing it at primary school assemblies, the butchered renditions by washed up Idol runners ups at football games, and of course, all of the drunk bogans screaming it with hiccupped pride on late-night trains – after a while, it starts to sound more jarring than it does patriotic.

Click here to read our massive review of Parkway’s IRE!

One particular legend gets the message, and as such, has launched a nationwide petition to have Parkway Drive’s absolute banger “Vice Grip” take over. The change.org campaign already sits at over 1,000 supporters (including yours truly), and only looks to erupt from here.

“It’s been out for 7 months now m8,” our hero pleads. “Get a stubby and your aussie flag thongs and listen to some pwd. Do it for the Aussie Battlers. Aussie government. You know the choice you have to make.”

Your move, Australian Government. Keep the flame alive!

Get patriotic with the video for Parkway Drive’s “Vice Grip” below!

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