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Live: Thy Art Is Murder

BLUNT is branching out and going global! To continue to give you guys the utmost cream of the crop when it comes to coverage, we had our UK chums Emily Bielby and Jake Owens write us some words and snap us some shots from the recent Thy Art Is Murder show at The Barfly in London. These deathcore louts from Sydney sure look like they showed ’em how it’s done. Enjoy!

Thy Art Is Murder
The Barfly, London 24/02/2013
Review: Emily Bielby | Photos: Jake Owens

Walking into The Barfly, on what could only be one of the coldest Sundays to note, we didn’t expect a huge crowd, and although there wasn’t a queue of screaming fans lined up outside, we could sense the anticipation almost immediately.

Having already caught up with the guys after sound check, we were slightly apprehensive of their set due to vocalist CJ McMahon being almost unable to talk from intolerance to the cold British weather. We actually feared that he wouldn’t be making an appearance on stage that evening, but having a delayed start they appeared ready and raring to take The Barfly by storm.

They kicked things off with a track called “Reign Of Darkness” with MacMahon launching into a ferocious roar with aggression tailing off each vocal. the palpitated riffs and astounding rhythm section kept things adventurous as they went on to play “Soldiers Of Immortality”. There was a sizable crowd and with their first note, a mosh pit had erupted with a few over-enthusiastic members causing chaos at the front, but it wasn’t as packed out as we thought it would be. The band kept things tight and nothing was missed as they dished up two more ferocious offerings to ensure a severe limitation of head movement for many punters in the morning.

Guitarists Andy Marsh and Tom Brown delivered a fine set of somewhat infectious riffs while drummer Lee Stanton attacked his kit like his life depended on it. Bass lines were kept heavy as MacMahon spat out demands to the crowd to form more circle pits and couldn’t help but join in the madness himself as he grabbed hold of the nearest thing to swing himself off. The crowd interaction was kept to a minimum but it was enough to work them up into a chaotic state. Their set drew to an end, and although it was a short set of only four tracks, full respect went out to both the band and MacMahon. If his voice wasn’t already broken, it definitely was after their set tonight.


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