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Live: Bring Me The Horizon

BLUNT is branching out and going global! To continue to give you guys the utmost cream of the crop when it comes to coverage, we had our UK chum Jake Owens write us some words and snap us some shots from the recent Bring Me The Horizon (hey, they’re on the cover!) show at The Koko in London. A band of Bring Me’s size? In a 1,500 capacity venue? Mayhem was bound to ensue. Enjoy!

Bring Me The Horizon
The Koko, London 07/05/2013
Review and Photos: Jake Owens

It’s been the better part of two years since Bring Me The Horizon set out on a headline tour of the UK, having last done the rounds playing some of the largest indoor venues in the country with some of the best bands in their genre: Parkway Drive, Architects and The Devil Wears Prada. Two years on and it’s all gotten a bit intimate. Tonight’s venue – The Koko – holds around 1,500 punters, and it’s absolutely crammed full of kids ready for their dose of one of Britain’s finest metal exports.

Opening with the lead single from their latest opus Sempiternal, “Shadow Moses”, before ploughing straight into “Chelsea Smile”, the Sheffield quintet were electric in the small room and spared no time whatsoever in getting the mass of punters leaping around, partaking in huge sing-alongs, mosh pits, walls of death, crowd surfs and virtually every other great thing that venue security really don’t like that much. Pleasingly, tonight’s set was lacking any of the band’s pre-Suicide Season tracks, which we found to be quite a relief as they’ve never really translated all that well in a live setting. The songs that they did play however were performed with real conviction and passion, and the guys seemed to really be enjoying themselves, especially frontman Oli Sykes who bounded about the stage with seemingly endless amounts of energy.

The high point of the night was when the boys launched into the fantastic single (again from the freshly released Sempiternal) “Sleepwalking”, which garnered a stupidly loud sing-along from the crowd and sent everyone into a bit of a frenzy before the night came to a close. The show was perhaps a bit short, with Bring Me’s set barely creeping over an hour in length, but it was an hour chock-full of their best music and it was performed impeccably, so perhaps we can let them off, eh? All in all, it was a great display from a band who are no doubt on the way to (even) bigger and better things.

Review and Photos: Jake Owens

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