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Live: Born Of Osiris

BLUNT is branching out and going global! To continue to give you guys the utmost cream of the crop when it comes to coverage, we had our UK chums Emily Bielby and Jake Owens write us some words and snap us some shots from the recent Born Of Osiris show at The Underworld in London. With the deathcore six-piece set to make the voyage Down Under this May with Upon A Burning Body (and our own A Breach Of Silence and Feed Her To The Sharks), here’s a taste of what you can expect. Enjoy!

Born Of Osiris
The Underworld, London 02/03/2013
Review: Emily Bielby | Photos: Jake Owens

The Underworld in London has to be one of the best live venues for heavy music: it is pretty much a sweatbox once things get heated and by the end of tonight, even the walls were dripping.

The crowd was whipped into a frenzy awaiting Born Of Osiris‘ appearance on stage, and not long after they arrived, the pulsing throng looked as mad as the sextet themselves. They were welcomed by a pit already in full form and didn’t waste any time introducing their first track of the night, “Empires Erased”. As the Yanks continued to create a punishing wall of noise with heavier tracks “Ascension” and “Two Worlds Of Design”, the vocals became more throaty and guttural and for fans who had the brutal pleasure of being at the front, the next half hour or so looked set to cause destruction (or certain death).

The band lived up to their ferocity live thanks to the earthshaking riffs of guitarists Lee McKinney and Lee Evans along with the thrashing drum beats executed by Cameron Losch, which kept the rawness intact throughout their set. Bonus marks were awarded to vocalist Ronnie Canizaro for switching from growls to torturous screaming almost instantaneously as they went on to play “Open Arms To Damnation”, “Singularity” and fan favourite “Recreate”, which was evidently a crowd-pleaser. We had an extra helping of hardened rock when we were treated to the vocal stylings of Canizaro and an over enthusiastic Joe Buras on keys as the they went off for an encore and returned to sing “Now Arise” together.

They inflicted a set of eleven solid tracks all of which demonstrated visceral energy, savage breakdowns and some sonically ripe aggression. If it’s banging heads that whets your appetite, then look no further than Born Of Osiris.

Review: Emily Bielby | Photos: Jake Owens

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