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Live: Betraying The Martyrs

BLUNT is branching out and going global! To continue to give you guys the utmost cream of the crop when it comes to coverage, we had our UK chums Emily Bielby and Jake Owens write us some words and snap us some shots from the recent Asking Alexandria / Motionless in White / Betraying The Martyrs / While She Sleeps bill that is currently making its way around the UK and Europe. Here’s a short but sweet review of French deathcore act and relative newbies to the scene Betraying The Martyrs from their London show. Enjoy!

Betraying The Martyrs
O2 Academy Brixton, London 19/01/2013
Review: Emily Bielby | Photos: Jake Owens

Having only been on the metal scene three years, Betraying The Martyrs have achieved more than some bands can only dream of conquering in such a small space of time. With some vast improvements made on their last show, tonight saw the band storm on stage bursting with energy as they clambered up speaker stacks.

A thunderous roar from Aaron Matts opened their set with 2011 hit “Martyrs” while things were kept clean by Victor Guillet as he intervened with vocals laced with melodic touches. Some honest shredding from guitarists Lucas D’angelo and Baptiste Vigier, who insisted on blasting off riffs like bullets from a machine gun, kept things raw whilst a fill-in drummer had no qualms about attacking his set with ferocious vigour.

The evident crowd pleaser “Man Made Disaster” was slipped in and although crowd surfing and stage diving was kept to a minimum, the tightly packed circle pits and the energy levels of fans didn’t cease for a moment. It wasn’t long before fans started chanting hysterically as the band wrapped up proceedings with “Because Of You” from their 2011 debut LP, Breathe In Life.

Having played only four tracks, we feared the crowd wouldn’t have latched onto the band’s sound, but their seductive synth lined metal had fans eating out of the palms of vocalist Aaron Matt’s hands. The Parisian openers delivered what can only be known as a breath of fresh air to what must be one of the fastest growing genres around today and acted as a well-suited opener for the night’s headliners Asking Alexandria.

Review: Emily Bielby | Photos: Jake Owens

  • Great review and shots and even better news to see that Blunt is covering overseas shows. I used to read the magazine every month when I lived in Sydney and I was back photographing bands at Soundwave 2010 in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.
    What is a bit of a disappointment is that there are no photos and reviews of the other bands who performed and from what I heard that was a great night. If I was there I would’ve covered the entire show.

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