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Live: Frenzal Rhomb

Frenzal Rhomb / Ivan Drago / Nerdlinger
Carmens, Sydney 09/08/2013
Review and Photos: Peter Zaluzny


Seeing Frenzal Rhomb in the Sutherland Shire felt right. The Shire and the band were both distinctly Australian and guitarist Lindsay “The Doctor” McDougall had grown up just two suburbs away from the venue. It was a natural home for the punk rock veterans. Beer was already flowing freely when Nerdlinger stepped up to open the show, but the room still wasn’t quite loose. The band just wanted to party and by the end of their set, so did the audience. It was a super tight show that indulged in all the hallmarks of pop-punk – speed, edge and stupid humour.


Although Ivan Drago scaled back the raw force, their melodic pop rock kept the energy flowing though the crowd. Their straight up driving riffs and pitch perfect harmonies were easy to rock along to, while their garage band attitude was infectiously fun.

Frenzal Rhomb opted for a low-key entrance led by The Doctor in a faded onesie that looked like it had been plucked from the arse end of a Vinnies sale. Vocalist Jay Whalley tried to talk about his brush with death, but The Doctor shut him down with a complete lack of sympathy. It set the tone for an unapologetic night of pure punk rock. Even with a hole in his skull, Whalley whipped the crowd into a primal punk frenzy that almost knocked over the barrier. The rowdy beer-fuelled audience handled vocal duties for most of the night except for the punters in the front row who were stuck with a mouth full of Whalley’s dreadlocks.


After the barrier almost collapsed, crowd surfing seemed to be the safest option, even for a fan in a wheelchair. His mates lifted him to the sky, passed him around until he lost his balance and fell out of the chair. A few minutes later he was back in the mosh. It was one of those gigs where the crowd were just as entertaining as the band. Before Frenzal paid a visit, The Shire was in serious risk of succumbing to nightclubs. Their gift of pure punk rock was just what the doctor ordered.



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