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CONS Project: Melbourne Launch

Trash Talk

CONS Project: Melbourne Launch – Trash Talk
17-23 Wills Street, Melbourne 06/06/2014
Review: Ed Lamington | Photos: Ian Laidlaw

A secret Trash Talk show to launch Converse’s CONS Project with free booze and burgers in the centre of Melbourne was always going to be wild. We just never could have expected how wild. The event was set-up to kick off a weekend of skating related workshops hosted by Converse ambassadors flown in specifically to teach participants the finer elements of building ramps, setting concrete, and making kickarse skating videos and photo albums. First off though, it was time to party. And party hard.

Trash Talk are a band that regardless of whether you care about their caustic recorded output, they’re guaranteed to grab your attention and hold it for a blistering 30 minutes no matter whether it’s midday at Soundwave or midnight in a punk rock dive somewhere in middle America. While Trash Talk are often in the business of converting bewildered first-time watchers at festivals and mixed bills, tonight was a crowd that knew what they were getting and couldn’t have been more excited about it.

Within 30 seconds the 300-cap warehouse party erupted into a chaotic mess with bodies flying everywhere as the band played through a mixture of new and old material, right there on the floor with their mental fans.

For perhaps the first time ever, frontman Lee Spielman was not the craziest man in the room at a Trash Talk show (he almost has a permanent dent in his forehead from bashing himself with a bloodied microphone), as a notorious Melbourne local decided to piss in his own mouth (and face, hair and clothes) right there in the middle of the pit. Yep, we told you it got wild. Another random punter scaled the exhaust pipes on the roof and a particularly drunken member of the front row clocked Spielman right in the mouth, mid yell. If Converse wanted a memorable opening to their CONS Project in Melbourne they sure as hell got it. Or perhaps it was a means of weeding out the weaker attendees for the remainder of the weekend? Either way, we had a fucking ball (and a shower directly after).

Trash Talk

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