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10 Reasons Slam Dunk’s 10-Year Anniversary Rocked

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If you didn’t see the lineup for this year’s Slam Dunk festival and weep; you’re either lying to yourself or doing life all wrong. That is, of course, unless you managed to make it over to the UK to catch all of the action – then those tears would be tears of joy. We were lucky enough to find ourselves among the British masses over in the surprisingly sunny city of Leeds, and we’re not gloating when we say this, but it was awesome. (Okay, so we’re gloating a little bit). It’s been ten years since Slam Dunk first hit the festival scene, and we’ve watched as it’s only grown bigger and better each time. 2016 was no exception, so here are just the highlights and the reasons why it rocked…

Photos by Ian Collins

1. It marked the start of Summer

Yeah, the start of summer is around about now in England. Confusing? Don’t worry, it doesn’t last long anyway. However, for once, the sun was shining – which can only mean that Slam Dunk well and truly kicked off the UK festival season (which as we all know, is incredible).

2. It’s a GREAT excuse for day drinking

Day drinking is always fun, but when you’re surrounded by live music and your mates, it’s even better. The party goes on wayyy into the night, with a huge official afterparty – which was held across several different rooms at Leeds University. The best bit? No lockout.

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3. The lineup was KILLER

Look at it. Just look at it. It was well and truly a thing of beauty, no matter what genre you’re into. In fact, its only flaw is indeed inherent in its brilliance – there are simply too many bands to see throughout the day!

4. As always, the Americans were on point

Mayday Parade, Yellowcard, New Found Glory and Panic! At The Disco; the array of American bands on offer here was insane, and that was just the main stage. With other US imports including everyone from Four Year Strong to The Starting Line; no expense was spared in getting the very best to British shores. Anyone fancy doing the same for Australia?

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British music has really had something of a revival in recent years, and with acts like Young Guns, Mallory Knox and many others on the bill, it’s easy to see why it’s doing so damn well.

6. Specifically, Moose Blood are going places

Checked these guys out yet? If not, you’re seriously missing out. One of our favourite moments of the entire day was singing back the lyrics to frontman Eddy Brewerton. Considering that was in just the first five minutes, that’s pretty good going.

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 11.34.30 AM

7. Yellowcard managed to wow us, despite complications…

Let’s get one thing straight, Yellowcard can never disappoint… except when they do. Just kidding; the technical issues they faced on the day seriously weren’t their fault. It wasn’t just us who loved what they managed to knock out of the park once they were back up and running, even if it meant they couldn’t play the anticipated Ocean Avenue record in full. Sad face and a half.

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8. …And New Found Glory were as awesome as ever

As the original Kings of pop-punk, no lineup heavily centred around the genre would feel complete without them. Indeed, this isn’t the first time they’ve played (and we’re sure it won’t be the last), but they brought exactly what everyone needed to the table – namely singalongs, fun, and music to dance to.

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9. Panic! At The Disco stole the show

Yep, despite everything else we saw, Panic! At The Disco well and truly nailed it. Honestly, it wasn’t just the incredible stage production or Brendon Urie’s smouldering looks that did it; rather just the simple fact that their repertoire is etched into the consciousness of all those of us who owned a MySpace account pre-2008. We’d hold a moment of silence, but it wouldn’t be heard over the screams of all those who still find this lot relevant… and by that we mean everyone.

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10. Slam Dunk just gets better and better

This isn’t a reason Slam Dunk rocks, per se, but it is essentially an absolute fact. Over the years we’ve watched everything from the physical location, to the lineup, right through to the hype grow and grow – and it’s well and truly deserved.

Basically, we can’t wait to see what’s in store for next year, and you’re going to want to start saving so you can get involved, too.

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