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Architects – Lost Forever // Lost Together


While comparisons between Architects and Bring Me The Horizon were not uncommon in both bands’ earlier days, it’s interesting to note that while the sonic journey of their countrymen has followed a clear linear evolution from each album to the next, Architects have bounded from one extreme to the other before finding a happily destructive middle ground. It wouldn’t be too far-fetched to say that this is how Architects were meant to sound.

“Gravedigger” kicks things off with a frantic floor-tom punk beat that wouldn’t have been out of place on The Here And Now. But barely half a minute in, doubters will find reservations expelled from their craniums in fits of compulsive headbanging, after being fly-kicked in the duodenum by one of the most inarguably Architectural riffs this side of Hollow Crown. It’s a healthy reminder to the kiddies that these Brits were cranking out unearthly “beowww”s way back before the “dj-word” sent us music journalists running to our Google machines.

What Sam Carter lacks in diversity in his heavy vocals (sticking as expected to his trademark high screams – but why fix what ain’t broke?) he counters with desperate conviction aplenty, spitting stories of false hope and frustration with the state of society as a whole. It’s by no means feel-good, but thanks to guitarist Tom Searle’s subtly clever wording, it’s provocative and at times poetic while still making you want to break everything in sight.

Though the record is not without contrast (see the more spacious “Broken Cross” or the synth-driven “Red Hypergiant”), there is a very consistent sonic vision that binds the record as a whole. The punk vibes return on “The Devil Is Near” with its crowd-friendly “Hey-hey!”s, yet it’s not long before another chug’n’shred riff sends your mental mosh pit into hyperdrive. This is what makes Lost Together… such a compelling and effective record – the tastefully-selected and seamlessly-blended influences of the band’s (and our) favourite sounds from each of their records come together to create an Architects best-of. Rousing pitch-screamed choruses? Got ‘em in droves. Blast beats? You betcha. Haunting synth layers? Have no fear.

Look, we’re not saying it’s perfect – there are less of those gorgeous guitar-tapping melodies that featured so heavily on Daybreaker than we had hoped, and the chorused spelling out of “C.A.N.C.E.R” in the song of the same name is a little too “Hollaback Girl” for our liking – but that’s just being petty, and we know it.

The Essential Track: If you’re an Architects fence-sitter, the fierce intro and chorus of “Naysayer” could very well tip the balance.





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