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Christian Bale Learns Drums In Two Weeks By Getting Psyched Up On Pantera

Vinnie Paul x Batman

Here’s two weird things you didn’t know about the Wall Street flick The Big Short that has recently been nominated for a big thwack of Oscars.

1.    The film’s director is Adam McKay, the man responsible for previous Oscar bait Step Brothers, Anchorman and Talladega Nights. That’s right, the man who previously handled touching scenes between Will Ferrell and a rubber shark is in the running for the film industry’s most prized golden statue.

2.    There is a scene where Christian Bale plays drums along to Pantera’s “By Demons Be Driven” in it. And he learned that shit for real.

Christian Bale, Christian Bale drum

His drum teacher told Pitchfork that he seriously put the hours in and while he was no master, he could indeed rock a mean double kick on command. It’s also worth mentioning that Scott Wittenburg, Bale’s teacher, is so well versed in drumming that he can play a solo while eating a burrito, so we should pretty much just bow down to him right now.

The two-week crash course helped Bale understand how his character, real life hedge fund manager Michael Burry, soothed his soul with what Bale calls “death metal”. While he might be slightly off with his genre tags, we salute Bale for going the distance and channelling the invincible Vinnie Paul behind the kit.

We’d also like to institute a Pantera inclusion rule for all future Oscar noms. Think how much better The Martian would have been if Matt Damon took five in his space tent to really master the opening riff of “Cowboys From Hell”?

Watch the trailer for Bale’s new flick, The Big Short, below.

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