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50 Things To Send You Broke This Month

Realistically, right now is the last opportunity you’re going to have to part with any extra cash before it’s time to hunker down and buy Christmas presents for all those relatives you don’t even like. Pre-Christmas is way better than real Christmas ‘cos, baby, it’s all about you. We’ve scoured the far reaches of the internet for the most practical, impractical, holy grail and maybe-I-shouldn’t-but-I-really-want-to items to accentuate your life for our 50 Things To Send You Broke This Month feature. Hold onto your wallets, kids (or don’t) and get ready to experience varying levels of FOMO, gadget lust and shopaholism.

* As of September 21st, all of these items were in stock. We’re offering our apologies in advance if they have in fact sold out.

50 Things To Send You Broke This Month

1. Alien Box Set

The best way to get pumped for Alien: Covenant? This unholy box set thing.
Where can I get it?

2. Ricoh Theta M15

Capture 360° in one single shot with one of the coolest cameras out right now.  
Where can I get it?

3. The NeckRest

Battling a severe post-gig bangover? We hear you. Developed by Mark Alexander, a three-time Olympic sports physiotherapist, the NeckRest has been designed to help you self manage your neck pain and neck-related headaches anywhere, anytime.
Where can I get it?

4. Soundboks

If you’re gonna get an outdoor speaker, you may as well get the most obnoxiously loud one ever. Soz, Aunty Maureen’s family picnic.
Where can I get it?

5. Glamourflage Gina Glam BB Cream

Ladies… this one is for you. Enjoy a sweaty mosh as much as the bloke next to you while still rocking a shine-free face. Specifically formulated to control oil, this cream provides exceptional coverage and evens skin tone.
Where can I get it? shop.davidjones.com.au

6. Remidi T8

This turns your hand into an instrument. In other news, The Matrix is real.
Where can I get it? remidi-pro.com

7. Rebel Bass Guitar

This bad boy goes from a light finger groove to furious slap bass in less than 12 parsecs.
Where can I get it? fancy.com

8. Belkin Rockstar

Share your jams and introduce four strangers on the train to the latest banger from Thy Art Is Murder. What could go wrong?
Where can I get it? amazon.com

9. Air A01 Smartphone Camera by Olympus

This just looks cool. We’re sure it does cool stuff as well. For the ‘gram and all that.
Where can I get it? thegadgetflow.com

10. Retro Gamers Controller Pool Toy

Surf’s up… + down + left + A = fireball.
Where can I get it? fancy.com

11. Blue Wave Aqua Golf

Finally, golf isn’t boring anymore.
Where can I get it? amazon.com

12. Acoustic Guitar Stainless Steel Hip Flask

For the friend who has everything: a love of country music and a drinking problem.
Where can I get it? offyatree.com.au

13. PlugInz

“Well you can’t make everything cool,” we once said. Wrong. Now even hanging your keys up is metal AF.
Where can I get it? pluginzkeychains.com

14. Fried Chicken Tracksuit

Become the ultimate magnet for attractive stoners in your area.
Where can I get it?

15. Burger Head Tee by Crisis

Ever met a person that doesn’t like burgers and stuff with skulls on it? If you have, that person is called a contrarian aka someone who says the opposite of the correct thing just for attention. Treat your torso to one of these bad boys.
Where can I get it? worldincrisis.com.au

16. Your Own Private Island

Go large. As seen in “Private Island Magazine”. Yep, that’s a thing.
Where can I get it?

17. R.I.P. Giving A Shit Lapel Pin

Show that special person how much you (don’t) care.
Where can I get it? bakerxdewolk.com

18. MovPak

A wirelessly controlled, collapsable skateboard and backpack combo that can also charge your phone and play music? Take our damn money, Future Boy.
Where can I get it? indiegogo.com

19. Cheerson Mini Drone

This is custom-built for one purpose: to drive your pets fucking nuts.
Where can I get it? groupon.com.au

20. Marshall “Fridge”

It’s a beer fridge that looks like a classic Marshall amp. Perfect.
Where can I get it? marshallfridge.com

21. Orange Micro Stack

It’s a like a big guitar amp, but little. For people that must have small cute versions of their favourite things (us, basically).
Where can I get it? amazon.com

22. Shark Diving Tickets

They say you should spend your money on experiences rather than material possessions. So why not jump in a cage and get a face full of one these giant, finned sea demons? You’ll never forget it!
Where can I get it? sharkcagediving.com.au

23. Screenprints from Hero Complex Gallery

Like great movies? Stick alternative pop culture art all over your walls. It helps hide the cockroaches. Well, some of them.
Where can I get it? hcgart.com

24. Aaxa P300 Pico Projector

Look how tiny this projector is. And it runs on batteries. Think of the applications! Watch horror movies in the woods! Shoot images on walls and trace mad graff absolutely anywhere!
Where can I get it? projectorsaustralia.com.au

25. Bathtime Deadpool Bobblehead

Wow, these things are starting to get really specific.
Where can I get it? thenerdstore.com.au

26. Water Warriors Colossus 2

Certified as one of the most effective water blasters on the market.
Where can I get it? bigw.com.au

27. Predator Cosplay Costume

With Halloween just around the corner, you could have the greatest costume OF ALL TIME!
Where can I get it? etsy.com

28. Violent Soho Waco Hoodie

Comfort is always a priority when you blaze up and throw on your favourite Violent Soho album. 4122 reprazent!
Where can I get it? 24hundred.net

29. Black Leather Drink Holster

Stick ’em up! Party like a cowboy with this must-have holster.
Where can I get it? amazon.com

30. Bright Feet Lighted Slippers

It’s time to be the light of your own life.
Where can I get it? amazon.com

31. Segway miniPRO

When you’re feeling too lazy to walk over to Maccas, your personal Segway miniPRO transporter will get you there, pronto.
Where can I get it?

32. Bakballs

In pain after a show? Bakballs with help relieve your back pain and stiffness in the comfort of your own home, office or car.
Where can I get it?

33. Flyboard

For when you really want to feel “above” your peers.
Where can I get it?

34. Above All Else Apparel

Get kitted out in gear from this Australian streetwear brand influenced by their love for skate and snowboarding.
Where can I get it?

35. Prisoner Long Sleeve – The Amity Affliction

Got a thing for Amity, tough love and long sleeve shirts? Bingo, this is all you.
Where can I get it?

36. Foldable Chair Backpack

Is it a bag? Is it a chair? In the words of the small Mexican girl on the Old El Paso ads: ¿Porque no los dos?
Where can I get it?

37. Balanceboard

Who needs to go outside anymore to get a heart-pumping core workout? 
Where can I get it? amazon.com

38. Small Batch Beer Making Kit

Become a true beer connoisseur by brewing your own beer.
Where can I get it? amazon.com

39. Spirit Backpack

Bring out your inner hippie with this rad technicolour Bring Me The Horizon backpack.
Where can I get it?

40. CAPiTA Outsider Snowboard (men’s)

Want to nail those bigger park jumps? Then this board is for you.
Where can I get it?

41.CAPiTA Paradise Snowboard (women’s)

A perfectly balanced all-terrain freeride board for those girls who love to shred.
Where can I get it?

42. Sonic Jam

Girlfriend’s birthday next month? Why not get her a colourful allover printed Sonic jumper?
Where can I get it?

43. Hand Painted Galaxy Dr. Martens

Stand out from the crowd with your very own Galaxy Dr. Martens.
Where can I get it? etsy.com

44. Suicide Squad – Harley Quinn 12″ DC Collectables Statue

We will let this incredible statue speak for itself.
Where can I get it?

45. Ice-Cream Sandwich Maker

The only thing better than and ice-cream is an ice-cream sandwich!
Where can I get it?

46. Nintendo Controller Coffee Table

Because everyone needs an awesome piece of retro furniture in their humble abode.
Where can I get it?

47. App Controlled Automatic Pet Feeder

Ensure your furry friend gets fed even if you’re not home by using this app controlled automatic pet feeder.
Where can I get it?

48. Quay Australia – My Girl Sunglasses

Love cats? Why not look stylish with these cat eyes from Quay Australia.
Where can I get it? www.quayaustralia.com.au

49. Extreme Turbo Chute Water Slide

Why go to WetnWild when the fun can come to you?
Where can I get it? amazon.com

50. Zombie Archery Targets

Keep your hunting skills sharp using these zombie archery targets. Just in case.
Where can I get it?

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