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You Blew It! Release Surprise Benefit EP For Orlando Shooting Victims

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For most of you out there, this long weekend has likely meant a chance to let loose on a Sunday without any immediate (keyword here) regrets, smash back some brews and enjoy life in all of its carefree wonder. Unfortunately, this hasn’t been the case for all of us, with the LGBTQ+ community shaken up (with good reason) by one of the most harrowing acts of terror it’s seen in history.

Overnight, 50 people were reported dead and 53 injured after a gunman opened fire at the Pulse nightclub – a noted LGBTQ+ attraction – in Orlando, Florida. It’s the most serious mass murdering the US has ever witnessed, and amongst the most brutal the world has faced all-inclusive. Though the response from the general public has been admittedly less than favourable – most comment sections right now will happily remind you that homophobia and transphobia are alive and well – the situation has not been without its uproar in activism.

Less than 15 hours after news broke, Orlando emo punks You Blew It! launched a benefit EP to support victims of the attack – all proceeds of the Pulse EP will be donated directly to The Center Orlando, an LGBTQ+ safe space offering free counselling to any and all affected.

“The decision to release the Pulse EP was a really simple one to make.” says frontman Tanner Jones. “Orlando’s cliques and communities exist on a gradient, blending into one whole society. After the news broke, everyone was flailing, coming to grips and brainstorming ways to support more than just giving blood. We just fell into it. We had the resources and the reach to help in some way, so we did the best we could. It’s not hard for us to imagine anyone else in our position doing the same thing.”

As for pricing, the EP makes use of BandCamp’s ‘pay what you wish’ model, which means that you can choose exactly how much you wish to donate – you can also download the record for free, but… Come on. Dig deep, fam. The release includes demos and rarities from You Blew It!’s discography, as well as an acoustic version of their single “Award Of The Year Award”.

Pulse is available for donation now independently
Grab a copy: BandCamp


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