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Yashin Release New Music Video For “The Renegades”

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Scottish pop-mosh sextet Yashin are gearing up to drop their first album in four years, The Renegades, on February 26th. As if the hype train wasn’t overcrowded enough as is, the band have just thrown us a new music video for the record’s title track. Equal parts crushing and catchy, “The Renegades” is incredibly easy to get stuck in your head; a tune you’ll probably find yourself singing in the shower, but with a savage death growl.

“…’We are The Renegades’ has become a call to arms amongst Yashin fans,” says vocalist Kevin Miles on the track. “An opportunity for likeminded individuals to forget the mundane aspects of their every day working life and come together through a passion for music…”

Watch the video for Yashin’s new single “The Renegades” below!

The Renegades is out February 26th through Sony
Pre-order: iTunes


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