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We Came As Romans Tap Into Their Metalcore Roots On New Banger

We Came As Romans

We Came As Romans are fucking back!

“Wasted Age” is the Michigan quintet’s first slice of shred since 2015’s self-titled opus. No disrespect to the S/T (because HAVE YOU HEARD THAT ALBUM? HOLY SHIT???) but we’ve gotta be honest here: this is where the mosh mainstays truly shine.

Clocking in just shy of four minutes, the standalone single shows a stunning return to the band’s scathing tech-tinted metalcore roots. It’s unknown whether or not “Wasted Age” is our first taste of We Came As Romans’ fifth full-length effort, but given how close we’re nearing to the self-titled’s second birthday, we’d say a new album is just about on the cards.

Let’s just hope it’s followed with some Aussie tour dates too, hey?

Suss WCAR’s new single “Wasted Age” below!

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