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Real Friends And Knuckle Puck’s Side Project Sounds As Great As You Hoped It Would


In amongst the seemingly endless stream of food comas that summed up Christmas 2015 (and every Christmas, to be fair), there’s a good chance you might have snoozed on the fact that Real Friends vocalist Dan Lambton and Knuckle Puck’s Joe Taylor and Ryan Rumchaks have joined forces under the banner of rationale. to have a jam. The good news? They’ve already released an EP – Confines – which lives over on their BandCamp page. The even better news? It doesn’t suck.

“We started rationale. because we love hanging out and making music with our friends. This is what has come of that so far,” the band said on BandCamp of their side project. Much like their day jobs, the EP consists of four emotionally charged, right-in-the-feels pop-punk tracks that have once again got us itching to hear new material from both bands. The Early November’s Ace Enders lent his mixing skills to the release, and John Naclerio – a name synonymous with My Chemical Romance and Brand New – mastered it at Nada Studios in New York.

For those fearing that this side project may eat into precious Real Friends/Knuckle Puck time, the three members were quick to take to Twitter and explain that they are all still very much invested in their respective bands, and the project was a long time coming. Our pick of the bunch is “Hangnail”, but you can check out the full EP stream below.

Listen to rationale.’s debut EP, Confines.

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