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Of Mice & Men Hit Us With New Single + Album #4 Details

Of Mice & Men

If you’re looking for some aggressive post-hardcore to fill the void in your soul, Californian metalcore crew Of Mice & Men have announced that they will release their hotly anticipated new album Cold World this September. It marks their fourth studio full-length and will be unveiled (as par for the course) on Rise Records.

To celebrate the announcement, the band have dropped a full-on new single titled “Pain”. It’s heavier than usual (yes), so if that’s what you’re into, scroll down to sink your teeth in.  Even though they haven’t had a new album since 2014, OM&M have still been fairly active, with a live CD/DVD called Live At Brixton having dropped just a month ago.

They’ve also won the hypothetical nice-guy-of-the-year award for inviting Cassy Colunga, a fan with a terminal illness, to a private listening session of Cold World. That means she was the first person in the world to hear the Risecore aficianados’ fresh LP. Frontman Austin Carlile is no stranger to illness, having suffered with Marfan Syndrome for some time.

Watch the new video for “Pain” below!

Cold World is out September 9th via Rise Records
Grab a copy: JB HiFi | Webstore | iTunes


1. Game of War
2. The Lie
3. Real
4. Like A Ghost
5. Contagious
6. –
7. Pain
8. The Hunger
9. Relentless
10. Down The Road
11. +
12. Away
13. Transfigured

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