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Suicide Silence Are (Finally) Releasing A New Album In February

Suicide Silence

Squad roll up! Cali deathcore legends Suicide Silence have announced that they will release their fifth studio album this coming February. That’s only approximately five months away!

The upcoming LP is self-titled and will be distributed by Nuclear Blast. The man behind the production for the record is Ross Robinson, whose portfolio cites work with Korn, Slipknot and Sepultura. Clearly this one has been in good hands. The album will be the second Suicide Silence release to feature vocalist Eddie Hermida, who took the reigns of vocal duties following the tragic death of former frontman Mitch Lucker.

Guitarist Mark Heylmun has described his intentions for the record to be “natural and raw and fucking pissed. It’s gonna be exactly what music needs, which is some fucking heart. Some fucking blood. Some real fucking ‘give a shit’ passion put down on to moments in time”. “There’s a real music, it’s not samples”, he added, noting also that the songs have been recorded “with tape”. The band just wrapped up an Australian tour earlier this month.

Hype up for Suicide Silence’s 5th album with “You Can’t Stop Me” below!


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