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Live Gallery: Punk Rock Holiday – Day One, Slovenia 2016

Punk Rock Holiday – Day One
Tolmin, Slovenia 09/08/2016
Gallery: James O’Connor

Camping festivals aren’t a new thing – for heavy music in Australia alone, just look to the insanely successful UNIFY. Elsewhere on the genre spectrum, we’ve got Bluesfest, Falls, and about 55,000 others. But rather than a dead farm in the middle of fuck knows where, imagine a camping festival that was surrounded by mountains, a Mediterranean climate, two pristine festival-owned beaches, a main stage in what the website refers to as “an avenue of trees”, and a beach stage propped up on a fucking island paradise. Sounds pretty dope, right?

That’s exactly what Slovenia’s annual Punk Rock Holiday is, and this year, the festival sported a 49-act bill headlined by genre icons the likes of NOFX, Descendents and Lagwagon. Of course, we weren’t just going to sit around and drool over the prospect of hitting it up – we couldn’t (damn lottery, not letting us win it), but it’s cool, because our good mate James O’Connor could, did, and snapped a crazy amount of killer pics. Here’s part one of the massive three-part gallery: you can suss days two and three out here and here, respectively!

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