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Live Gallery: Cute Is What We Aim For, Sydney 2016

Cute Is What We Aim For / Blossom
Factory Floor, Sydney 27/08/2016
Gallery: Gwendolyn Lee

Often is the humble ’10-Year Anniversary’ tour just a shameless tread to squeeze pennies out of fans like juice out of oranges – nostalgia sells, and it sells especially well when we’re all millennial shitbags desperate to reconnect with our childhoods. 2016 is an interesting year for anniversary tours, though, because 2006 was pretty much just a perfect year for emo-edging alternative rock bands. Cute Is What We Aim For stood at the forefront of the Fueled By Ramen fuselage of the time, The Same Old Blood Rush With A New Touch – their life affirming breakthrough debut – stealing our hearts and sticking to our minds like taffy to teeth. Ten years on, the LP shines as bright as ever – if not moreso with the added slick of pseudo-sepia toned nostalgia – and to prove it, the band took to Sydney’s homely Factory Floor and smashed it out from cover to cover. Relive a damn near perfect night with Gwendolyn Lee’s gallery above, then relive an emo classic with the full album below.

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