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Listen To A New Green Day Song Right The Fuck Now

Green Day

With less than a month to go before its October 7th release, pop-punk legendaries Green Day have dropped the title track from what’s shaping up to be a pretty fucking solid comeback album: Revolution Radio.

Released with a lyric video channeling the same jumpy aesthetic as “Bang Bang”, the new tune shines with rebellious poetry, a carefree beat the likes of which only really seen pre-American Idiot, and a chorus sure to find itself a cue for epic chants come the live show.

Notable in the lyrics is “We will be seen but not be heard,” which ties into a theme frontman Billie Joe Armstrong raised with Rolling Stone last month: “I think my role is to shut up and listen,” he said.

“A lot of white people should shut up and listen. They really don’t know what the African-American experience truly is. When you have people getting shot in their cars for no reason and being put in fucking jail cells and it’s for profit, we have a serious problem, and the first thing you need to do is get educated. Don’t try to do this, like, ‘Blue lives matter.’ Don’t try to do the ‘All lives matter.’ Just shut up and listen to the experience. And then move forward after that.”

Get around “Revolution Radio” below!

Revolution Radio drops October 7th via Reprise / Warner
Pre-order it: JB HiFi | Sanity | Webstore | iTunes


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